Rhea Cosmetic. Branding of an agender skincare

What captivated us the first time we met this client is that we were looking at two very young people, who had set up a skincare brand following their own instincts more than marketing needs. The two founders were brother and sister, the sister had decisive, quick, decisively masculine ways. The brother was visionary, floating, feminine. In short, tied together they made a very interesting mix. In composing their products they had overcome the division between masculine and feminine, creating face and body lines suitable for everyone. Agender. Another interesting thing was that the creams and serums were formulated to work together, namely they had to be mixed together, varying proportions, to create a tailor-made skincare perfect for the person who had to use it.

The operation they asked us was the construction of the image of the product lines and the storytelling of the brand. They asked us to give Rhea a voice and face.

Our first choice was making the siblings part of that “face”. We thought: why does it occur to you to create a cosmetic brand? Maybe to keep alive longer the beauty of a face you love? So we developed a language with a very personal tone of voice that would tell complicated topics in a simple way. The first pages of the brochure, for example, have the narrative structure of a children’s story: I love you, I see you growing old, I can’t stand it, there are no made-to-measure cosmetics, I create it for you.

The payoff that we have combined with the brand is the stone on which we built all the storytelling:

Rhea, Human Based Skincare.


The backbone of the visuals, on the other hand, are ties, being together: the bodies embrace, touch each other. The eyes of some models are closed, like when you feel good and you trust someone, you feel you can abandon yourself to a dream. We explored the agender lightly: it seemed a suitable choice since the brand itself was aimed at a fluid audience.


Even in still life the products are tied close to each other, to resemble models and to simulate how in the reality of use they must be mixed to create a made-to-measure cosmetic.




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