#spiritiliberi, the New Falconeri fashion advertising campaign


Liberate le Aragoste created the new advertising campaign for Falconeri, the Italian cashmere brand. The creation of the five themes inspired by the title “#spiritiliberi – Free Spirits” took us to Iceland, along with the head of taKe production, the stylist Vanessa Giudici and the photographer Killian Schoenberger. A director followed us, filming what we encountered on our journey through a terrain full of enchantment and madness. (There was full sun at midnight.) The project–which was featured in major magazines and newspapers—included a poster campaign, television advertisement, social network involvement and a photography contest.

Spiriti liberi is a new way of thinking about fashion. It begins with the images of these fine garments; images that were shot in the most extreme places on the planet, going against the current trend in fashion communication.



liberate-le-aragoste-falconeri-campagna-islanda-3 liberate-le-aragoste-falconeri-campagna-islanda-4 liberate-le-aragoste-falconeri-campagna-islanda-2

Skills: advertising, Case study, Copywriting, Fashion, Graphic Design, Photography,
Client: Falconeri, Gruppo Calzedonia