Icon Makeup Advertising

liberate le aragoste diego dalla palma collezione primavera estate 2013 cosmesi make up beauty

Makeup advertising is constantly on the lookout for icons. Usually, advertising draws on the great beauties of the past or explores trends from the history of fashion. However, icons are nearly impossible to find, so big brands are increasingly turning to brand ambassadors: actresses, rock stars and artists, who merge their charisma with that of the brand. As we were putting together the shoot from the new advertising campaign for the Diego Dalla Palma Spring Summer 2014 Collection, we asked ourselves: what if we played about with an unlikely icon? Something that is universally recognizable, yet not immediately attributable to the female world. Something pop, to shake up the tone of beauty. And voilĂ  Maxi Mouse for La Topolotta advertising.

Skills: advertising, Beauty, Graphic Design, Photography,
Client: diego dalla palma