Reverse, our first step in headhunting

We did not know the headhunting and recruiting sector, but we were not thrilled about it. It wasn’t sexy at all, so overpopulated with images of alpha-males in suits, looking like they had won the lottery. Then we met the two founders of Reverse, who seemed to have a keen desire to transform that sector. The bases were there: a data driven approach and a scientific method applied to the research and selection of personnel. They had invented something, that is the collaborative method and a series of technological applications for finding candidates, an exact science. So, the narrative attractions were there: we would have narrated Reverse as if it was a research center, a laboratory that offered its clients much more than the ideal candidate on the right time. It took them by the hand to go further, into the new world of headhunting, made up of agile methodology and digital technology.

The story develops on two visual lines: the people at the center of an abstract scenography (the real employes  of Reverse, excited of participating in the shooting) who cross passages, windows to another world. Or who use the usual laptops and smartphones like  all their competitors, only that theirs are as transparent as crystal (we had them made for the occasion by a craftsman). But the new story of Reverse as we have told it is above all a story of tone of voice and copywriting, which you can read on their current site.





The new Reverse logo, with the new “Human Resources Science” payoff. The whole storytelling of the brand and its values revolves around this concept, which became the statement.





Skills: Branding, Case study, Copywriting, Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Web design,