Revlon: the new hairstyling line by Intercosmo Create

We have taken great care both in the packaging and in the naming. A good naming, for those who’s aware of it, is the idea that drives all the rest, transforming each product into a divinity. Who wouldn’t want to put their curls in the hands of “Curl Guru”? And to give more light and charm to the hair, what do you think of “Light Prophet”? Or, for straight hair, “Liss Ninja”.

The world represented on the packshot is a small Olympus populated by divinities, and hence the idea for the look images: naked boys and girls, dressed only in light colors. Like being in a church, with angels and madonnas, but with the strobe lights of the disco. A mystical nightclub. Thanks to Revlon who allowed us to carry out this project for the Intercosmo Create’s hairstyling product line. A line for professional hairdressers that will be distributed in 8 countries and three continents.














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