i-Tech Industries launches i-Boost: beauty, science and luxury.

How the interaction between body movement and skin treatment will transform professional aesthetics.

A new trend _ What we have ahead is a future in which all our actions are interconnected and will have more than one meaning. We will eat foods to change the appearance of the skin, we will stimulate moods to use them as make-up, we will exercise in museums. The world of beauty centers and spas is also destined to change. The very concept of aesthetic treatment, intended as a session in which you remain motionless while someone massages your skin, will evolve into something more complex, integrating movement and mental function.

i-Boost, the new brand that i-Tech Industries (Italian leader in the production of beauty technology) has entrusted to us, intercepts this beauty trend years in advance, proposing to the international market two technologies – icoone and icoone-Booster – capable of combine skin treatment, body movement and stimulation of the mind.


A new storytelling _ To tell the world of i-Boost, and really express how disruptive and evolved its concept is, we have chosen a language that combines luxury, science, beauty and science fiction, both in textual and visual storytelling. It’s not a science fiction of aliens and spaceships, but the kind of plausible fantasy that tells us what we will be like in 100 years from now. To tell us about it is i-Boost itself: a machine coming from the future that speaks to us in the first person (it is intelligent, after all) and tells us:

_I was born in the 23rd century when humans realised the future of their skin was connected to the movement of the body.

_I Boost beauty.

For the realization of the visuals, we directed one of the most successful photographers of the international beauty scene: Florian Sommet. All together with a team of talents and artists, locked up in a former contemporary art museum for a day and a night. With the contents we have created, declined on every communication channel from below the line to digital, I-Tech Industries presents the new i-Boost Concept to the world of beauty business: a perfect synthesis between beauty, science and luxury.












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