The Trentino Campaign


How it all started.

The day we won the tender for the Trentino campaign (against 5 of the largest international advertising agencies), we were in great shape. The air was light and when the envelopes were opened the name Lobsters (Aragoste) at the top of the list sounded really weird to those who had never heard it. With us, the companions of all time: Giona Maiarelli, and Lorenzo Osti. It all started with one consideration: Trentino is the only Italian mountain. If you think about it, South Tyrol is already very German, and then you are in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France. No Italy. Hey! We have a positioning! Therefore, a claim.

“Trentino, The Alps with an Italian touch”.

What’s that “Italian touch” that makes Trentino unique? A mixture of knowing how to do, knowing how to eat, knowing how to hug, knowing how to love, knowing how to live, knowing how to say goodbye, knowing how to enjoy big and small things. Come all of you, who lost all senses in the cities, and who no longer know what scent has the company of someone you love. Come to Trentino, the last place in the world where the Italian lifestyle reigns. We have seen it in this way. And in this way we shot it with a very cool lifestyle photographer, Robert Deutschman. We went to look for him as far as Los Angeles, because in our opinion he was perfect for making people act as a group, in a spontaneous, intense, human way.liberate-le-aragoste-campagna-trentino-2017-bike

Then the touch of Giona Maiarelli, who crossed two oceans to return to his Italy to bring a drop of truth and beauty. Then Lorenzo Osti and the whole team of LO Studio, who made sure that the campaign had a digital life. Then again every little lobster, which in the sea of mass advertising, including sharks and whales, will give a pinch – according to the estimated contact data generated by planning on TV, print and digital – to over more than 250 million people in half of Europe.



The cool part of this campaign is that it was created with the aim of reaching people who do not yet know Trentino, the young people of the great European cities in particular. To create interactions with them we adopted a contemporary language and chosen as testimonial influencers and bloggers with a large following on the web. We invited them to live a week in Trentino and to relaunch their experience also on their channels. So the authenticity of the territory is told by authentic experiences, in a double story: one on print and TV,  the other in the digital world. The two worlds intertwine and support each other, giving credibility to storytelling and developing the potential of the media mix to the maximum to reach even a younger and more international audience.

trentino lago di garda surf

The spring/summer launch planned in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, and northern Europe, will be followed by the winter subjects, already in the finalization phase. The TV commercial will be transmitted in Italy and half of Europe. The press campaign will be published in important newspapers and periodicals (National Geographic, Grazia, Vanity Fair, Il Messaggero, Sette, Corriere della Sera, Io Donna, Style, La Repubblica-D) also in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic. Digital side, several brand campaign and thematic campaigns dedicated to different passions were launched on Facebook and Google. Then the activities will revolve around the #Trentinolife project, where guests, influencers and residents will be able to interact directly with the platform to tell their experience on the “Italian-style Alps”.

See you at the top, then  :-)


In the end, winter came.

New bloggers and the extraordinary landscapes of snow-covered Trentino accompany us in the winter campaign.

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