Adam Ondra, the alien descends on Trentino


We had to tell the story of Trentino through the people who love it, who frequent it, who have chosen it. One of those people is Adam Ondra, a rock climber who has been traversing Trentino’s rocks from an early age.

Adam Ondra is the Phelps, the Bolt, the Pellegrini or the Djokovic of gym and rock climbs. He has not remained a child-prodigy: he’s the outlier capable of constantly surpassing his own exploits and always pushing his sport one step beyond the limit. I discovered Adam step by step, word by word, and i decided to tell his story not through legendary feats known around the world, but through his humanity.

I meet Adam Ondra and show him the script, he approves it, he is a speaker of himself, meticulously, as carefully as he chooses rock holds. A wonderful, calm person, despite 5 languages, a college degree, World Cup, Tokyo Olympics, El Capitan; he could have pulled it off a little, instead he was a pleasant company.

With simplicity, modesty, as only truly great athletes and spirits can express.

This video shot with The Makkina’s half-soul, Yuri Pirondi, on the walls of the Trentino Dolomites is an expression of that greatness and simplicity.

Skills: advertising, Photography, Video,
Client: Trentino