Depero at the MART Museum with Liberate le aragoste

There is a museum, the Mart. There is a president, Vittorio Sgarbi. There is a scientific committee: Riccardo Muti, Moni Ovadia, Giordano Bruno Guerri, Stefano Bruno Galli. There is an exhibition and there is a curator, Nicoletta Boschiero of the Depero Art House. And of course there is the legacy of the futurist artist who influenced design, cinema and art and comics at least until the 1980s.
Then there’s us, who must take care of the image of the new Depero exhibition: an image to tell everything without displeasing anyone. We were already in a presentation panic when an idea broke out: what if instead of doing something about Depero we did something with Depero?
Let’s take Depero’s hen, let’s photograph it, let’s make it move, let’s make it fly. The image of the exhibition entitled Depero New Depero is ready. The great futurist dream of permanent revolution continues in Rovereto. An image declined on posters, print, web and video with a soundtrack in perfect futurist style that seems to have been made with Russolo’s noise-intonaroma machine.




Skills: advertising, Graphic Design, Video,